About Us

TIEN TRUNG Feed Mill Joint Stock Company (JSC.,)

TIEN TRUNG Feed Mill Joint Stock Company (JSC.,) is a family owned. Since 2003, we started with layer farm (over 30,000 chicken) and then operated feed company serving livestock in 2010. We offer a wide ranges of products such as: Poultry Feed, Swine Feed, Cattle Feed and Aqua Feed.

For 10 years experience, TIEN TRUNG FEED MILL JSC., has always been committed to offer our customers the best and fitnest in feeds and service. With farm basic, we know what customers want, need and expect. We provide a full service of a feed supplier to the livestock such as advising livestock breed; consulting nutrition and technique for individual customers; giving solutions in veterience, vaccine and drug in diseases if needed; and so on.

We proud to have an enthusiastic team of people to serve our customers, from office, to sales and nutritionist, to production, to truckers, to management. Our people are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Together with applying modern technologies and equipments, we work following the targets below:

Our vision: We want to become one of the first factories providing hygienic feed for livetock in Vietnam.

Our mission: Bring the belief of food hygience to end customers.

Our growth guideline: The strong of community health will measure products.


Outstanding advantages of Lac Thuy chicken breeds

VTC16 - Lac Thuy chicken has many outstanding advantages that no other chicken has. Lac Thuy chicken is adopted by many farmers because of its high economic efficiency